Vidha Saumya is a Helsinki based Artist-Poet whose body of works – Monumental Drawings, Intimate Mark-makings, Murals, Books, Poems, Sculptures, Embroidered Textiles, Food Art, Videos, and Digital Artifacts – are wry and warm in their politics and kaleidoscopic in their aesthetics. The concept of Heimat / (Home)land is at the core of her praxis. She has studied art and art theory in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Lahore and Helsinki and has exhibited across India and North Europe. 

If there is one word that can even begin to describe the kaleidoscopic art praxis of Vidha Saumya, it will be ‘Heimat’. Translated inadequately as ‘(Home)land’, all the myriad provocations and protections of this life-world are woven through her poems, murals, monumental drawings, anti-monumental photographs, videos, artisanal books, embroidered textiles, sculptures, culinary interventions and digital artifacts. The notions of exile and utopia that ‘(Home)land’ triggers often potently charge her work. Through acrid humour, haptic textures and arduous workwomanship her works are at once immediately accessible and intensely challenging. They question all kinds of normatives – be that of aesthetics, gender, taste, academics or the most gigantic one of our times – the populist nation-state. Her textual and visual devices for these persevering questions – are chosen with humour, love, wisdom and infinite care. As our world and our planet undergo a  ‘deep crisis of care’ and there is the call for a ‘massive return, not of discipline, but of attention. Not for the end of insouciance, but the end of all carelessness.’ Caring enough to ask the difficult questions bravely has been, is and will be the engine of Vidha Saumya’s practice. Brought up in a cultural milieu of rooted locality and enabling Internationalism, Vidha Saumya has studied visual arts in Mumbai, Lahore, Bengaluru and Helsinki, held exhibitions in Helsinki, Tampere, Delhi, Mumbai, Lahore and received grants and residencies from significant institutions in Finland and Northamptonshire (UK). Living and working in Helsinki, she is one of the founding members of Museum of Impossible Forms, and currently divides her time between Europe and India.

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