Soyabean Biryani, 2019

Duration: 11 min 16 sec 

Watch trailer here

On June 22, 2017, 15 years old, Junaid Khan was stabbed to death on a Delhi-Mathura train after an argument over seats turned ugly. Junaid was returning home from Eid shopping with his cousin  Hashim and two friends, Moin and Mohsin. In 2019, two years after his death, the video reflects on the political debate around beef-eating, what it means to be visibly Muslim in India and the current hostility of the state towards the ‘other’. The video pieces together a recipe laced with development claims and false calls for togetherness amidst a poignant remembrance of Junaid Khan, whose favourite food was Soyabean Biryani. While amnesia grips the Secular Democratic Republic of India,  this video makes a case to pause, reflect and take note.

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