Din-din Din, 2018


Title: ‘Din-din Din’
Year: 2018
Medium: Hand embroidered serviettes
Size: 40 x 40 cm each
About the work:
The serviettes hold in their fabric, dialogues between two heads who take it upon themselves to engage in sophistry viz. art and art practices around them. The conversation heads engage in overspeaking, underhearing, prevaricating and setting up specious arguments
The work started from the idea of thinking about neutral positions one ends up taking in group settings…often to avoid further deliberation in conversations that are triggering. Although social media is a large platform for such trolling and triggering, conversations in person also tend to escalate in tone, aggression and become hostile, especially when discussing socio-political conditions in India and the world at large. Even in familiar circles, conversations begin polarizing quickly.
In such a situation these serviettes offer cues to change the conversation.

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